Accessible Online Meetings

Here is a suggested checklist for organizers running on accessible online meetings. It was put together by our member the Swedish Disability Rights Federation.

Preparing for online meetings

  • Always ask for accessibility and find partners, suppliers for cooperation to improve quality of services.
  • Communicate information to participants well in advance, also about how to participate.
  • Allow users to express requirements for remote participation at registration for the meeting.
  • Include accessibility in the budget.
  • Check and test that the communication tools are accessible.
  • Make sure that staff and users can operate the tools before the meeting. Assign a special online moderator and technical support at the meeting.
  • Provide training sessions to users, moderators and staff
  • Provide instructions to presenters before the meeting.

Moderating an online meeting

  • Make time in the beginning of the meeting to make sure everybody is familiar with the meeting procedure.
  • Describe the context, room and participants.
  • Encourage online users to use chat to communicate any problems during the meeting.
  • Stick to the structure of the agenda, make sure all participants say their names when they speak.
  • Summarize discussions and every decision before moving on to the next agenda item.

After the meeting

  • Communicate the real time text transcript from the meeting to all participants.
  • Evaluate the accessibility by asking users.
  • Share experiences on web and social media to increase knowledge and cooperation on how to improve the Right2Participation via Accessible Online meetings.



Live streaming

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