EDF position paper on cancer screening and treatment

EDF position paper on cancer screening and treatment

Recent studies show that persons with disabilities are at a higher risk to develop cancer, to receive a late diagnostic and treatment, and to die from cancer, comparing to persons without disabilities.

The European Disability Forum welcomes the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and increased inclusion of persons with disabilities in EU health policies. Unfortunately, the mention of persons with disabilities in EU policies does not translate into concrete actions to ensure their equal access to cancer screening and care, and to address the pre-existing inequalities and factors putting them at higher risk of cancer or inadequate care.

The European Disability Forum calls on the EU to:

  • Collect disaggregated data and statistics on cancer screening and care, including by disability, notably through the Cancer Inequalities Registry.
  • Adopt measures to promote and support disability-inclusive health services, including cancer prevention, screening and care.
  • Introduce accessible public health campaigns and communication on cancer measures.
  • Promote and support the training of healthcare professionals and people working with persons with disabilities, including people in institutions and other closed settings such as psychiatric hospitals and prisons.
  • Consult representative organisations of persons with disabilities in the development, implementation and monitoring of cancer prevention and care policies.

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