EDF recommendations for strengthening the EU Parking Card 2020

EDF recommendations for strengthening the EU Parking Card 2020 [898KB doc]

Executive summary

This position paper describes the problems that persons with disabilities encounter with the Parking Card and parking in general, based on previous discussions with EDF members and our 2020 Independent Mobility Survey.

Those problems are:

  • Abuse and fraud of the Card
  • The card is used differently and gives right to different benefits depending on the Member State, and even within Member States
  • Eligibility for the Card differs between Member States
  • Format of the Card
  • Use of the Card as proof of disability if there is no Disability Card
  • Lack of designated parking spaces for persons with disabilities and enforcement
  • New entry restrictions in city center

This position paper also gives several suggestions on how mentioned problems could be solved. We recommend to:

  • Further harmonize the rules on eligibility and the issuing procedure, in a form which is binding for Member States and clearly communicated to Card users
  • Facilitate the exchange of good practices between the national authorities, by starting a Commission working group on the subject, allowing ideas to develop on an EU level
  • Strengthen the controls on fraudulent use of the Card and illegal use of disabled parking spaces
  • Allow access to restricted urban areas for holders of the Parking Card because public transport is often no alternative due to lack of accessibility
  • Support other EU initiatives such as the EU Disability Card to keep the focus of the EU Parking Card on its original purpose for car parking, and not for use as a substitute proof of disability.

Read more in the position paper.