EDF Recommendations on the 2022 EU Justice Scoreboard

EDF Recommendations on the 2022 EU Justice Scoreboard

EDF calls on the European Commission to establish a “CRPD compliant-justice” indicator (similar to the“child-friendly justice” indicator already existing under indicator 3.2.1) covering all types of disabilities.

Persons with disabilities living in the EU continue to face major barriers in accessing the justice system. Therefore, they may not have their right to an effective remedy fulfilled in violation of article 47 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, EU directives on access to justice, and the CRPD which impact the EU as a whole. The EU Justice Scoreboard is an important tool to achieve more effective justice, including for persons with disabilities. In 2020 and 2021 the justice Scoreboard included indicators covering only some persons with disabilities, namely deaf, hard of hearing, partially sighted, and blind people. 3 types of information were gathered by the Scoreboard:

  • “Online information for visually or hearing impaired”
  • Training in communication for judges on “communication with visually/hearing impaired”
  • Survey conducted among court users or legal professionals on “needs and satisfaction of visually/hearing impaired”

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Marine Uldry, Human Rights Officer (marine.uldry@edf-feph.org)

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