Webinar: Lockdown measures during COVID 19 - how it affects persons with disabilities. April 2020

You can watch the complete webinar here.

On April 21st the European Disability Forum (EDF) organised a second webinar about the COVID-19 pandemic to talk about how the measures adopted by the different countries are affecting persons with disabilities and what advocacy measures have been taken by the disability movement.

This webinar was conducted by André Félix, EDF External Communications Coordinator and was supported by Raquel Riaza, Events and Administration Officer. The webinar was accessible for persons with disabilities providing live captioning and international sign language interpretation. It was recorded and it will be available on EDF’s website.

Mr Albert Prévos, President of the French Council of Disabled Persons for European Affairs (CFHE) spoke about the role of DPOs during the COVID-19 pandemic and he gave an overview about the situation in France.

Mr Ondrej Folk from the Czech National Disability Council prepared a written statement which was read by André Felix. In that statement, Mr Folk explained the restrictive measures they were facing in Czech Republic, one of the countries with the most restrictive measures.

Milan Sverepa, Director of Inclusion Europe, described how the lockdown measures are affecting persons with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Aurélie Baranger, Director of Autism Europe, pointed out how the lockdown measures are affecting, specifically people with Autism and she also gave examples of some initiatives put in place in certain countries.

To conclude, there was an open floor for EDF members attending to the webinar followed by questions and answers.