Zhytomyr, Ukraine - 4th March, 2022

War. Russian missiles in the morning fired “precision” fire at the military airfield near Zhytomyr. My colleague, who is close by, lived nearby and has twenty years of complex injury. Her husbands served in the military unit. When the shelling started Natalka was very scared, her heart couldn’t stand it – she died.

Who is to blame? I move with the aid of a stroller. My mother lives with me, 78 years old and has suffered a stroke. We stayed at home. We run to our “shelter”, to the toilet, taped door and towels, with a bath of water in case it turns off, with pillows on the floor. I never thought bread and drinking water, chocolate, I will store in the washing machine. Near the washing machine there is a  backpack with medicines, clothes. My mom and I went to our shelter nine times today.

When there is no bombing, I call persons with disabilities, I ask whether all is well, what help is needed.
These torments cannot continue for so long for us and the people of Ukraine.

We are simply being destroyed.