We actively lobby the European Union to move towards a barrier-free rnEurope for all to achieve a fully accessible transport chain from door rnto door. Transport

In the field of transport, this implies:

  • respecting the Design for All principle (add link) when designing transport vehicles such as trains or buses and surrounding infrastructure such as train stations;
  • accessible and easy to understand information about a journey
  • available and accessible information about the level of accessibility of a certain mode of transport
  • When transport is not fully accessible: providing assistance from the point of departure to the point of arrival at the final destination of a disabled passenger, tailored to his specific needs, at no extra cost.
  • Disability awareness and equality training for all personnel working in the transport sector.

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We are an active supporter of the European Commission’s campaign on passengers rights.

Despite freedom of movement for all citizens and article 9 of the UN CRPD, persons with disabilities can still not fully benefit from this right as the transport system throughout the EU remains largely inaccessible.