Ukraine, elections, plans for 2023: our May Board Meeting

Ukraine, elections, plans for 2023: our May Board Meeting

Our second Board meeting of 2022 took place online on 27 May. This article highlights the main outcomes: 

Our response to the war in Ukraine

We adopted an action plan with 3 objectives:

  1. To support persons with disabilities in collaboration with other representative organisations (DPOs).
  2. To advocate for disability inclusion in the broader humanitarian response in Ukraine and in the countries of the EU as people flee the war.
  3. To ensure that the future recovery includes disability and to build the capacity of the disability movement in the long-term.

This programme, which develops actions in Ukraine and 7 neighbouring countries, will help EDF continue providing direct support to persons with disabilities.

Read more about our work and find information on how to act and support persons with disabilities in Ukraine on our web page.

Approval of EDF 2023 plan

Our work plan for the coming year was approved. It follows the guidelines set by our 4-year plan and contains our most important advocacy campaigns for 2023.

Our General Assembly and the elections for governing bodies

Our Board debated the preparation for the Annual General Assembly, which will take place in June in Athens, Greece. The Assembly will include elections for our governing bodies and celebrate our 25th anniversary. It is organised in cooperation with the National Confederation of Disabled People in Greece.

All the information can be found on the dedicated page (access available to members only).