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Facts and figures about disability

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We are 80 million Europeans with disabilities. This is over 15% of the whole population.

One in four Europeans has a family member with a disability.

In 2002, 38% of the disabled people aged 16-34 across Europe have an earned income, compared to 64% of non-disabled people.

75% of people with severe disabilities do not have the opportunity to fully participate in the European labour market.
Persons with disabilities do not have equal access to education, are on the top of unemployment rates and generally live on significantly lower income.

Persons with disabilities cannot move around freely, go to work, to a restaurant, to theatres, to cinemas, to libraries, shopping, meet friends, or any other daily activity, due to inaccessible public transport, pavements or buildings.

Free movement of disabled persons in the European Union is just an ideal due to legislative barriers preventing us to leave the home country. more than 200.000 disabled persons in Europe are forced to live in closed institutions deprived of the most fundamental human rights.

We live in an inaccessible environment, despite the fact that we represent, together with other persons with temporarily reduced mobility, 40% of the population.

Amongst disabled persons, one out of two persons has never participated in leisure, cultural or sport activities, and has never had access to theatres, to cinemas, to concerts, to libraries.

Institutions, without the right to make choices in life and deprived of the most fundamental human rights.

The free movement of persons in the European Union is just an ideal for us, because most of the time barriers prevent us from leaving the place we live in.
On the 15th November 2010, the European Commission adopted a strategy to break down barriers that prevent disabled people from participating in society.
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