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Web accessibility

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‘Web-accessible’ means a website or web-based service (including those designed for mobile devices and/or use) which is easy to browse, navigate, understand, operate, interact with and use safely, securely, independently, and with dignity by a person with a disability under all circumstances (including emergency cases).

This does not exclude the use of assistive devices or augmentative and alternative communication to achieve accessibility for particular groups of persons with disabilities where this is needed.

New ICT services and devices to access the web are being developed at a fast pace: for instance, recently, applications on mobile devices are more and more used to access the web. Therefore, web-accessibility refers also to the accessibility of any technology used to browse the web with the ultimate goal to provide information and communication to persons with disabilities on an equal basis with the others.

Monitoring web accessibility
is a complex task which has been approached differently across the EU. EDF joined a consortium to study the state of the art and come up with recommendations for a future European monitoring methodology. Find more at



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