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ALL NEWS [18/08/2010]
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19 October 2009 /// The European Disability Forum, the voice of 65 million European citizens with disabilities, met in the Swedish capital to adopt the proposal for the European Disability Pact. “This policy instrument ensures real mainstreaming of disability in the European Union by promoting the rights of persons with disabilities and by developing a strong agenda engaging both the EU institutions and Member States” announced Yannis Vardakastanis, President of the organisation.
31 July 2009 /// President Obama keeps his electoral promises: he has just signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Another step forward for the first Human Rights Treaty adopted in almost 20 years and a great signal for its ratification by all countries around the world.
EDF has launched a new website to ensure that all citizens with disabilities will have equal opportunities to participate in the 2009 European elections: visit
2 April 2009, Members of European Parliament will vote their report on the fundamental equal treatment directive. This legislation sets out a legal framework for the prohibition of discrimination on the ground of disability, age, sexual orientation and religion or belief. If the report is adopted, it will send a strong signal to the Member States that protection against discrimination on the grounds of disability in areas other than employment must be extended.
Czech EU Presidency: “Europe without Barriers also means freedom over physical and attitude frontiers” [3/03/2009]
“The government of Czech Republic will ratify the United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the next months”, said today Minister of the Czech Government and Chairman of the Legislative Council, Pavel Svoboda, when addressing the disability movement leaders from EU-27.
Disability Movement Leaders Published Manifesto for 2009 European Elections [3/12/2008]
The manifesto calls on politicians to address disability and to assure equal access for disabled voters
European Day of People with Disabilities Conference Focuses on Local Action [1/12/2008]
The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will be the key topic to be discussed
EDF Statement on the Economic Crisis: Disabled People Must Not Pay for the Crisis [16/11/2008]
European disability movement leaders sent their demands to the EU from Paris
Commissioner Tajani: The Commission Will Guarantee Full Transport Accessibility [16/09/2008]
It is important, that the Commission looks at the other gaps and barriers, that disabled people face in transport, said the EDF Director Carlotta Besozzi
New Regulation Opens Air Space for Persons with Disabilities [25/07/2008]
The Regulation is also a way of rehabilitation of our dignity, said EDF President Mr. Yannis Vardakastanis
Draft Non Discrimination Directive Fails to Protect Disabled People [2/07/2008]
The proposed directive is unclear and leaves room for interpretation, said EDF President Mr. Yannis Vardakastanis
Open Letter to José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission [17/06/2008]

The Right to Equal Education – Need To Bridge the Gaps Between International and EU Commitments [10/06/2008]
Meeting today in Brussels of Jan Figel’, European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, and Yannis Vardakastanis, leader of the European Disability movement
Spidla: People with Disabilities Expect Action. We Must Meet This Challenge! [27/05/2008]
The EU and EFTA ministers reinforced the commitment to cooperation in the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
European Disability Movement Leaders Discriminated by Slovenian Air Carrier [27/05/2008]
The Annual General Assembly of the European Disability Forum gathered more than 150 delegates from 29 countries in Ljubljana
European Disability Leaders Discuss Anti-Discrimination Legislation in Ljubljana [20/05/2008]
The Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs of Slovenia Marjeta Cotman will attend the European Disability Forum Annual General Assembly
European Parliament Supports Further Non-Discrimination Legislation [20/05/2008]
The European Disability Forum President Yannis Vardakastanis welcomed the Parliament’s vote
Open Letter to Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission [22/04/2008]
It is with great satisfaction that I am writing to you, following public announcements made by your services that a proposal for a European directive fighting discrimination against disabled people will be proposed to the College of Commissioners at the end of June as part of a comprehensive ‘Social package’...
Disabled passengers, at the core of EU agenda [5/03/2008]
“I can guarantee you my full commitment to advance access of disabled people the transport system’, said yesterday European Commissioner for Transport, Jacques Barrot...
Slovenian Presidency of the EU: “We want EU’s formal commitment to fight disability discrimination before the summer” [28/02/2008]
We are committed to support Human Rights of disabled people both at national and European level and we do hope to have EU’s formal engagement to propose measures to fight disability discrimination within this Presidency”, said the Minister...
The EU has failed to deliver an inclusive internal market for all its citizens [6/12/2007]
Disabled people face numerous barriers when accessing goods and services, and most of the times...
Commissioner Reding: ICT must bring real power, opportunity and choice for all consumers [3/12/2007]
The first EU Ministerial debate on e-Accessibility focuses on the need of further legislation...
An information society for all: the European Commission raises the goals [29/11/2007]
The EC Communication analysis the current state of play and identifies the challenges ahead. In particular, the Commission warns on the risks of the digital divide if no further action is taken...
The European Commission about to receive the 1.294.997 signatures for the petition 1million4disability [20/11/2007]
The 24 boxes containing the signatures collected in the 27 Member States will be deposited at the European Commission central mail services for official registration on 22 November 2007 at 10H30.
ETUC and EDF join forces to combat discrimination at work [29/10/2007]
Over the last week-end, representatives from the European trade unions and the European disability movement have met in Lisbon to agree on the milestones of a structured long-term cooperation...
Wallström: "We promised to deliver and we will" [4/10/2007]
Vice-President of the European Commission, Margaret Wallström“I am not proud or able to say that Europe and its institutions have made everything possible. We have not!"
We have got the million! [3/10/2007]
In only 9 months of time, the European Disability Forum has met the ambitious challenge to collect one million signatures across the EU.
Press pack - 4th of October event - Campaign [3/10/2007]

"We are coming to Brussels to stand for our rights" [2/10/2007]
On the 4th of October, delegations of disabled people travelling from 30 different European countries will gather in Brussels to call on the European Union for comprehensive disability legislation.
Napolitano encourages the "1million4disability" campaign [14/09/2007]
"I wish to express my great appreciation for the decade’s commitment of the European Disability Forum", Says Napolitano...
D'Alema backs the "1million4disability" campaign [30/07/2007]
“We need now to unite our forces to overcome the barriers" ...says D’Alema...
An open sky for disabled air passengers? [26/07/2007]
The European Union has taken an important step forward to advance disability rights in Europe...
Pöttering supports the "1million4disability" campaign [12/07/2007]
The president of the European Parliament officially expressed his support for the “1million4disability” campaign...
EDF Board meeting in Lisbon [7/07/2007]
European Disability Forum Board members meet in Lisbon to discuss the priorities of the European Disability movement and...
Berlin Ministerial Conference on Disability [12/06/2007]
During the first Ministerial conference on disability held yesterday in Berlin, the ministers from EU-27 endorse the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities...
Signature of the first UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities [30/03/2007]
The European Communities sign today the first UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. For the first time...
Müntefering: "We must protect the rights of disabled people" [24/02/2007]
“The European Disability Forum must continue calling for European anti-discrimination legislation”, said today Franz Müntefering...
Biannual gathering of disability leaders in Berlin [23/02/2007]
EDF has chosen Berlin to held its bi-annual Board meeting over the next two days...
Press Invite-"1million4disability" campaign launch [12/01/2007]
On 23 January 2007, the European Disability Forum (EDF) will launch in Brussels its new European Campaign “”...
EU-25 committed to disability rights - UN Convention [12/12/2006]
The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities represents a historical moment for the European disability movement...
Press Invite-Disability Intergroup meeting [11/12/2006]
The Disability Intergroup of the European Parliament invites you to “NON-DISCRIMINATION LEGISLATION: Present achievements, future plans”...
Spidla: "Europe belongs to you, Europe is yours" [4/12/2006]
“Europe is diversity. Europe means fighting discrimination. Europe belongs to you”, said yesterday the European Commissioner on...
Press Invite-European Day of Disabled People Conference [30/11/2006]
Young Europeans encounter numerous barriers to access quality education, housing or the labour market...
Press Invite-Achieving disability rights at regional and local level [3/11/2006]
The representatives from EU-25 local and regional authorities, together with the leaders of the European disability movement debate...
Commissioner Reding: ICT for disabled people is a priority [17/10/2006]
Advancing the agenda on accessibility of Information and Communication Technologies for people with disabilities was at the core of yesterday’s meeting...
New UN Historical Treaty on Human Rights [28/08/2006]
Years of intensive negotiations at UN level have been necessary for the adoption of the international text...
Free to fly [8/06/2006]
“Europe’s efforts to eliminate borders and to facilitate the free movement of its citizens is most of the times a far reality for disabled people..."
EU disability leaders: "We will not tolerate anymore discrimination" [27/05/2006]
Ten years after its establishment, the European Disability Forum celebrates today the major successes...
Landmark provisions for disabled people in EU's Structural Funds [5/05/2006]
The political agreement was finally reached on 5 May 2006 at Council level by the EU Ministers of Economy and Finance...
Latest EU proposal on Structural Funds set to block access of disabled citizens to public infrastructures [24/04/2006]
After two years of intensive negotiations, the Council of the European Union is about to adopt a compromise agreement on the EU Structural Funds...
Advancing disability rights in Europe: the President of the European Parliament offers his support [2/03/2006]
Ensuring that disability becomes a priority issue in the European integration process was at the core of today’s meeting...
European non-discrimination legislation needs to be implemented fast and properly, recall EU disability leaders [25/02/2006]
The European Union needs to be serious when it comes to the implementation of existing legislation” said today in Vienna Stefan Olsson...
Disability movement leaders from 29 countries in Vienna to debate on the future EU non-discrimination policy [23/02/2006]
Ursula Haubner, Austrian Minister for Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protection and several key EU decision-makers accept the challenge...
Funding for advocacy [18/02/2006]
The conference held yesterday in Belgrade gathered the leaders of the disability movement from the entire western Balkan region...