3 December: European Day of Persons with Disabilities

Monday, December 3, 2018 - 09:00
2 days
European Commission

The European Commission organises together with the European Disability Forum the European Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3-4 December, in Brussels.

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Photo Exhibition 'Equality'

The EDF’s Picture Equality Exhibition showcases the 10 best pictures from the “Picture Equality” photo competition. The theme of the competition was Equality and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, all persons with disabilities have the right to live where and with whom they want, go to a mainstream inclusive school, have a regular job, vote in the elections and go to the movies or sport club. Persons with disabilities should not be discriminated against because of their disability. They should receive the support they need to participate in all aspects of life and society. The best pictures were chosen by a jury of human rights and photography experts. They awarded the first place Emanuele Artenio, second place to Gary May and third place to Sana Munrad.

Descriptions of Photos

Photo 12 ○ In this photo, several young boys in sports jerseys and gear line up to greet a their coach, who is a man in a wheelchair, where he is seated in the dugout. The man has outstretched his arm so his hand meets with the young boy for a moment of solidarity and brotherhood. This photo, in black and white, was taken by Emanuele Artenio and has won the first prize.

Photo 1 ○ This black and white image portrays a sign that reads “CINE VIDEO, Specialise, Homo, Lesbiennes, Travestis, Hetero, Domination.” In front of this large, vertical sign is an empty wheelchair. The reflection of the wheelchair is seen on the dark tile floor beneath it. The photo is in black and white and has a white frame around it. This photo was taken by Gary May and has won the second prize.

Photo 8 ○ This photo portrays a smiling woman as she hangs onto a rope in an indoor rock climbing course. The woman has only one hand and is wearing a bright blue shirt and a brown headscarf. She smiles as she leans back and looks down beneath her. This photo was taken by Sana Munrad, and has won the third prize.

Photo 2 ○ In this photo, a young girl no older than 3 years old, kisses a young boy around the same age on his lips. The children sit on stools as they embrace. The little girl wears a dress with stockings and sneakers, her blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. The boy, who appears to have down syndrome, wears a striped shirt and black pants. The photo is in black and white and was taken by Alexandra Stampfli.

Photo 4 ○ In this photo series (comprised of two pictures), a young boy uses his crutches to leap into the air. In the first, he smiles as he balances horizontally on the two crutches, legs kicking behind him. In the second, he has used the crutches beneath him to flip totally upside-down, and his legs dangle in the air above him. There is another young boy looking on in the second photo. In both, the boy is in an open dirt field wearing boots, long pants and a sweater. These black and white photos were taken by Bejarne Herhold.

Photo 13 ○ This underwater photo portrays a young girl who seems to have down syndrome attached to scuba gear exploring the sea. She wears a bright yellow dive suit and looks through her goggles at the bright blue water around her. This photo was taken by Alessandra Galiero.

Photo 14 ○ This black and white photo is taken from above and shows a young man with his head down as he scribbles a drawing into a white chair, looking directly down at him. Attached to the back of the white chair is a cartoon drawing that the young man seems to copy onto the seat of the chair. He holds his pencil tightly in his right hand to work. This photo was taken by Tanja Šuflaj.

Photo 15 ○ In this photo, two young girls play together. The girl on the left laughs as she holds her palm up to the other girl’s face, leaning into her shoulder and looking into her face. The other girl makes a silly candid face and seems to be caught off guard by the photo as she looks directly into the camera. She has different colored pipe cleaners bent all over her face. Both young girls have dark brown hair with bangs. The photo, in black and white, was taken by Elena Beani.

Photo 16 ○ In this photo, which is largely in silhouette, a girl and a boy in swimwear hold hands and walk away from an indoor pool. The girl on the left holds multi-colored bowls and toys in her hand. The photo is mainly focused on the hands of the girls. A window behind the girls indicates that it is raining outside. This photo was taken by Julia Helber.

Photo 19 ○ In this photo series, a group of people sit on steps outside of a building. In the first top photo, the people, all dressed in different colored street clothes, wear bright white masks that cover their entire faces. In the photo below, the masks come off and the people remain in largely their same exact poses. They represent a range of ages and disabilities– some are young girls and some are older men. The sun shines down on them as they smile for the camera. These photos were taken by Maria Teresa Calignano.