10.000 persons with disabilities in Greece against the crisis

4 November 2015
People participating in the demonstration

Source: ENIL

On 4 November, after the call of the National Confederation of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), around 10.000 disabled people and their supporters gathered in the center of Athens, Greece, to protest about the impact of the crisis on disabled persons’ lives in Greece. In this huge nation-wide rally, people came from all parts of the country, many disability organisations were represented. There were also representatives from other organisations that were supporting the cause, some members of the parliament and other political figures. All together, they raised their voices, spreading their message throughout Greece and abroad. After the speech of the NCPD and EDF President, Yannis Vardakastanis, they all marched to the Greek Parliament where NCPD representatives met with the Minister of State for Coordinating Government Operations, Alekos Flambouraris. They delivered the demands of the disability movement and it was decided that a meeting with the Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, will be held on 3 December, the International and European Day of Persons with Disabilities.


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