7 years of war in Syria: Children with disability face extreme risk of exclusion.

Picture of teenage boy in wheelchair playing violin. Top left the words 7 years of war in Syria followed by campaign name Disabled Children; Enabled Futures top left UNICEF logo

UNICEF launched the “Disabled children, Enabled futures” campaign on the 12 March 2018. The campaign focus on the extreme risk that children with disabilities have been facing in Syria for the last 7 years.

The campaign calls for:

  • an end to war,
  • investment in lifesaving support,
  • improved access to inclusive services (health, nutrition, education, water and child protection)
  • and support for the reconstruction efforts.

More than 1.5 million persons with disabilities have been living under constant threat for the last 7 years. They are exposed to attacks, explosive hazards and other dangers. They have little to no access to essential services, such health, education and water. Refugee camps also face huge challenges in service provision, posing a serious challenge for communities, families, and especially for persons with disabilities. The campaign features the story of 3 children with disabilities: Bassil, Sami and Hanaa. The stories show the war and lack of support are affecting their future.

The European Disability Forum joins the “Appeal for Children” launched by UNICEF.

We specifically call on the EU to:

  • Renew its humanitarian efforts in providing lifesaving support and services to Syrians in Syria and refugee camps
  • Assure that these efforts are fully inclusive
  • Increase its diplomatic efforts to reach an end to the conflict.

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