Enter EDF's 'Picture Equality' Photo Competition 2018!

10 September 2018
Photo competition Poster

We are delighted to announce our EDF's 2018 Photo Competition.


The theme of the competition is Equality and Inclusion of persons with disabilities. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, all persons with disabilities have the right to live where and with whom they want, go to a mainstream inclusive school and have a regular job, vote in the elections and go to the movies or sport club as anyone else. Persons with disabilities should not be discriminated against because of their disability. They should receive the support they need to participate in all aspects of life and society as anyone else.

This theme must be implemented into the photo submissions. Feel free to be creative and unique. However, do not stray away from the goal of the theme. Photos which are not relevant will not be considered for the competition.

How to enter

The photo entries can be submitted by emailing it to: Lucia D’Arino - lucia.darino@edf-feph.org All submissions are due on the 1st of October 2018, 23.59 PM CET


The competition is open to everyone who is a EU/EAA citizen or resident and there is no entry fee.

For more detailed information see the Photo Competition Rules, Terms & Conditions. All participants must submit, together with their photo, a signed copy of page 6. Two authorisations are needed, one from the person who took the picture and one from the person(s) appearing IN the picture.


Each participant may submit one entry. Participant should be an individual and not an organization. The photo should represent the theme ‘Equality’. Every photo submission should be accompanied by a short description (in English) as well as the author name, place (city & country) where the picture was taken.

All photos should be provided in high resolution (high quality picture “300dpi”). Photos can be edited and filters applied, however, entries must comprise one image only. Photos that contain more than one image shot separately are not allowed. Entries comprised of photo collages or images with additional elements (watermarks, text, etc.) will be rejected. Photos shot using various methods (i.e. long exposure, stacking) and camera built-in effects are accepted.

Selection of winners

There will be a selection of 20 finalists, based on the following criteria: quality of the picture, innovation, creativity and relevance to the competition theme. All 20 final photos, including the three winners, will be exhibited during various events and in other European countries, including the European Day of Persons with Disabilities and Brussels Photo Exhibit.

The jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in on its decision. At the end of the jury selection period, the 20 finalists will be notified by email. Out of the 20 finalists, the Jury will select the 3 final nominees.

These 3 final nominees will be invited to Brussels to take part in the European Day of Persons with Disabilities organised by the European Commission on 4-5 December in Brussels.

The winner’s name will be revealed on the 2nd of November.


The three final nominees will receive:

  • 1st place award: 500 euros
  • 2nd place award: 300 euros
  • 3rd place award: 200 euros


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