European Elections: 4 videos in easy language.

14 January 2019

Version Française

Nous Aussi prepared 4 videos about European Elections.

Nous Aussi is the French Association of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. Nous Aussi is a self-advocates’ association. The right to vote and electoral accessibility are important issues for Nous Aussi. Nous Aussi decide to held its 2018 National Congress on the right to vote.

This Congress was a good opportunity to talk about the next elections : the European elections. But it is a complicated topic. It was necessary to provide easy-to-read-and-understand information on the European Union and the European elections. We look for accessible information, but we did not find any. We decided to provide easy-to-read-and-understand videos.

We made these video in a very inclusive way : some Nous Aussi members participated in the writing of the explanations and the choice of pictures, and made the voice-over. Two support persons helped with their knowledge on the European Union and on how to make videos.

We launched these videos at our Congress in November 2018. Now we want to share these videos with anybody who need easy-to-understand for the European elections.

See the 4 videos:

L'Union européenne c'est quoi ?

Le Parlement européen c'est quoi ?

L'Union européenne comment ça marche ?

Les élections européennes comment ça marche ?


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