Peter Lambreghts

Peter Lambreghts was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1971. He is married and father of two daughters.

For many years he has been a volunteer and active member of several associations of persons with disabilities. He has been Chairman and board member of several think tanks, organisations and associations campaigning for the rights of persons with disabilities. He has worked on independent living, direct payments for personal assistance, accessibility, awareness rising, peer support, anti-discrimination and emancipation of persons with disabilities.

Peter started his professional career working for an adapted wheelchair taxi and a public private employment initiative for persons with disabilities, where he was the team leader for a group of 20 persons. Since 2008, he worked for 2 years for the Flemish platform for people with a handicap (VGPH). Between 2009 and 2012, he was a staff worker for the Expertise Centre Independent Living where he did research and study work on personal budget systems and direct payments for persons with disabilities leading to several publications.

Peter is currently a Policy Officer and spokesman for Onafhankelijk Leven, the Flemish movement for Independent Living. He also works for the European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) as Western Regional Team coordinator. He is ENIL’s Board Member and member of the European Expert Group on Deinstitutionalisation.

Peter is a uthor of several publications on disability related topics and he regularly writes articles for newspapers, magazines, newsletters and specialized journals.

Since May 2013, Peter is a member of EDF’s Board of directors.