What's Going on?

During the whole year we are actively working to achieve our set up goals of the year and even more. We try to be present at each youth event, answer to consultation linked to youth issues, speak at events and much more.

Have a look and be sure that your help is welcome. The more we are the better we are heard. Make sure that your answer and your opinion counts.

We will be:

EDF Board Meeting

This coming 11-13 November we are at the Board Meeting of EDF. We will have our annual meeting on 11 of November after which we will give a traing to our board.

Youth Meeting in Geneva

We Were:

Here an overview of what we've done.

EDF youth committee at the Council of Europe

Our Youth Committee chair, Ovidiu Tuduruta, participated on the 5 of October at a round table organized by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

The event was organized in preparation of the Disability Strategy 2017-2023. Ovidiu took the floor during the second panel with the title Young Persons with Disabilities from Minority Background.

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International Youth Day 2016: What Are the Challenges for Young Persons With Disabilities in Europe?

12.08.2016; According to an ANED report, young disabled people have fewer chances than non-disabled youth to enter and progress within higher education. As a result, access to employment is challenging as well. Their employment rate tends to be much lower and they are over-exposed to unemployment and to exclusion from the labour market being at risk of poverty. Access to education and employment is even more difficult for young persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities, or for young disabled people coming from migrant or minority families. In 2011, EDF created its Youth Committee in order...

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