Interview with Bart Verdickt

Interview with Bart Verdickt

Bart Verdickt is from Belgium and represent the Belgian Disability Forum (BDF) he was elected as a board member. Read Bart’s Biography to learn him better

What areas would you like to focus on?

I think disability situations are crisscrossing all aspects of living in our society. So, I want to get involved in as much subjects of the work of the EDF as possible. I will do my best to bring a positive input on as many topics as possible. I know I can count on my colleagues from the Belgian Disability Forum asbl (BDF), among whom Gisèle Marlière former EDF Board member, to advise me on topics where I have less experience.

If I have to point out some aspects, it will be the following:

  • European Disability Card (EDC), as it is an historical file of importance for the BDF. The right to freedom of movement is one of the key principles of the European construction. Persons with disabilities deserve full enjoyment of this right. Freedom of movement naturally implies accessibility.
  • Accessibility to ICT as no one can be left behind in what is presented as the key for a brighter future by the European Commission. Technologies must serve the human for a better living, human cannot be submitted to technologies.
  • Freedom of choice, as persons with disabilities have the right to choose how they want to live their life. For this, they need to have access to a range of options : if there is only one possibility, there is no choice. In order to choose, they also need to have access to sufficient information’s and support.
  • SDG’s, as the future of human kind is clearly in balance. All together, we have to make important decisions soon. The disability movement has to be active and visible in this decision process.

What are your plans for your mandate?

I will not be member of EDF Board for myself. I want to bring the voice of all persons with disabilities from Belgium.

In a structure like the EDF Board, dialogue is the key element. I want that everyone feels OK to express his feeling: ideas grow out of dialogue more often then from brooding in a glass tower.

The dialogue between all members of the EDF Board is the key to progress for all persons with disabilities across Europe.

Bart we thank you and wish you a lot of success in this mandate and the fulfilment of your plans