What to do if your rights are not respected

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If you feel that your rights are not respected
or that you are treated unfairly,

it is important to raise your voice!

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There are many organisations you can send your complaint to.

They can help you deal with the problem you face.

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For example:

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  • You can contact ‘Equinet’.
    ‘Equinet’ is an organisation that fights
    for the right of all people to be treated fairly.
    ‘Equinet’ has members in all European countries.
    You can find more information on their website: www.equineteurope.org/-Equinet-Members

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  • You can always contact us at EDF.
    We can advise you on your rights and help you to find
    who to contact when you have a complaint.
    You can send us an email at: info@edf-feph.org

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