Hungary COVID19 response

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Information relayed by Fogyatékos Emberek Szervezeteinek Tanácsa (FESZT) / Council of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities

Organisations of persons with disabilities in Hungary took advocacy action and gave advice on how to ensure they are fully included in the response:

  • People with disabilities need to have proper personal assistance, especially if current assistance (family member or cared) is affected by the virus.
  • Ensure food supply of persons with disabilities living alone;
  • Quarantine for infected persons with disabilities shall be accessible, including accessible physical accessibility and communication. Ortopedic aids of persons with disabilities shall be taken by ambulance vehicles in case we are to be taken to hospital. Staff shall be knowledgeable about the special needs of persons with disabilities, among others about those whose breathing muscles are (partially) paralysed.
  • Disinfection of entrance doors for disabled people, handrails of ramps or staircases, accessibility knobs for doors for people with mobility disabilities.
  • Sterilizers shall be available for persons with disabilities.
  • The webpage dedicated to the information on the coronavirus shall include information on measures available for persons with disabilities
  • Protocol for home office work of disabled persons in mainstream workplaces shall be worked out
  • The government shall give information on measures that ensure safe health and social care services for persons with disabilities in course of the virus.


  • Most client services for organisations of persons with disabilities are closed and work from home is applied
  • Our members reported that the government produced an action plan focusing on persons with disabilities. They include:

    • Local authorities need to research how many persons with disabilities live in their municipality. They need to assign a coordinator to do this survey.
    • Authorities should inform local authorities abou the contacts of labour organisations, disability organisations and coordination platforms.
    • The Ministry of Human resources will set up a website to recruite volunteers to support persons with disabilities and older persons.
    • The official website regarding coronavirus information shall have a special section on persons with disabilities by 31 March.
    • Press offices of local authorities should coordinate with organisations of persons with disabilities to ensure accessible communication.
    • Communication campaigns will motivate young persons to keep in touch with persons with disabilities.
    • Ministries should ensure that information and services are fully accessible, especially digital services.
    • Provide free wi-fi to persons with disabilities and their families.
    • Reallocate government workers that are on temporary stay to disability related tasks.