Ireland's legislation on forced sterilisation

Legislation about (forced) sterilisation

It is unclear, based on information publicly available, whether forced sterilisation is authorised or not in the country.

In 2015, Ireland adopted the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act, which enshrines the right of people with intellectual disabilities to decide for themselves and be assisted and supported to make decisions in different areas. This Act introduced advanced healthcare directives into law.

In 2017, the National Women’s Council of Ireland in its Shadow Report of Ireland under the CEDAW referred to a 2009 study considering that women with intellectual disabilities are at risk of coercive sterilisation due to conservative and protective perspectives, from frontline caring staff and parents regarding the sexuality of these women.

Lately, in 2021, Ireland submitted its initial report to the CRPD Committee. However, in the section on sterilisation and forced abortions, Ireland only covered forced abortion and did not share any information about sterilisation.