Denmark’s Disability Inclusiveness Highlights

Less English-language information was available for Denmark than for other ODA providers. However, based on the available information, this review found little evidence that Denmark yet places a strong emphasis on disability inclusion in its development and humanitarian policies, processes, and mainstream programmes. Nonetheless, Denmark does have some disability-targeted programmes, and is unusual in that a significant part of these programmes is delivered directly by DPOs. Following engagement with Danish organisations of persons with disabilities (DPOs), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lately started taking some measures that signal an interest in disability inclusion, such as its recent adoption of the disability ‘DAC marker’. It is too early to tell whether these positive signals will be followed by more thorough-going changes to policies and processes in future.

Current Strengths

  • Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark reports that Danish organisations of persons with disabilities participate in discussions on international cooperation on an equal footing with other Danish civil society organisations.
  • Denmark has endorsed the charter on inclusion of persons with disabilities in humanitarian action.

Areas to Improve

  • Denmark does not currently have a national strategy or action plan on disability.
  • Denmark is not yet a member of the GLAD Network.
  • Two staff members at Danida are responsible for disability inclusion in both humanitarian action and development cooperation; one for each topic.

Advocacy Questions

  • Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs envisage developing a [stand-alone] strategy on disability inclusion in Danish ODA? If not, how will it ensure that its ambitions and obligations on disability inclusion are strongly signalled to staff and partners?
  • How does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensure that persons with disabilities are not excluded from programmes because of a drive to minimise costs?
  • How does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs plan to reflect the importance of disability inclusion in its next development and humanitarian strategy?

More Information – Denmark factsheet  [12 KB doc]