The European Democracy Action Plan Should Ensure the Right to Vote of Persons with Disabilities

EDF responded the public consultation launched by the European Commission on the upcoming European Democracy Action Plan. In our reply to the consultation we called the EU institutions to ensure that all persons with disabilities enjoy their right to vote in the next EU elections, as in 2019 still 800,000 persons with disabilities could not cast their vote due to discriminatory national laws on legal capacity.

Additionally ,we also demand a set of minimum accessibility requirements applicable to the elections in all EU Member states, as well as to the political parties and institutions.

In view of the preparation of this Action Plan which will be published  in the coming months, EDF also joined a coalition of 45 civil society organisations working on democracy, human rights, media and the rule of law. We came together to create a joint vision of how European democracy should look like, and prepared a comprehensive document with recommendations to the Commission.

You can read this document online