People in Europe and around the globe call on world leaders to act on Sustainable Development

People in Europe and around the globe call on world leaders to act on Sustainable Development

On the 2nd anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), thousands of citizens in more than 109 countries around the world, including in Europe, raised their voices to seek accountability from the world leaders on their commitment made on Agenda 2030 and demanded to #ACT4SDGs.

Through the We the People ACT4SDGs campaign, thousands of campaigners and ordinary citizens have come together around the anniversary in more than 886 events from Manila and Buenos Aires to Brussels, Mexico City and Nairobi, to create awareness on the SDGs, highlight local realities, and hold governments accountable.

EDF also participated in the celebrations. We organised a digital stunt on Twitter and Facebook based on various visuals EDF members sent us. Taking part in the ACT4SDGs campaign was important for EDF: we urge European leaders to take urgent action to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change for a better, fairer world inclusive of all.

On 25 September 2015, world leaders agreed to a definitive plan for the planet and its people by adopting 17 SDGs. These goals are a universal call to act on the challenges our generation face e.g. rising inequality, distressed migration, increasing conflict, sabotage of democratic rights of people over the natural resources, threat to peaceful existence by spread of fundamentalism and terrorism, manifestation of various forms of unrest, rise of nationalism so on and so forth. If the 193 governments who signed the SDGs hold to their commitments, the results will be extraordinary. In Europe,

EDF specifically asks the European Union to:

  • Showcase leadership and accelerate the implementation of the SDGs to fight inequality and discrimination;
  • Actively include persons with disabilities in its development policies, programmatic approach and policy dialogues on SDGs implementation and monitoring;
  • Support European Member States in the implementation and monitoring of disability-inclusive SDGs.

For details of some of the mobilizations taking place around the world, check out the ACT4SDGs website.

Have a look at EDF’s campaign at @MyEDF Twitter account