We need Artificial Intelligence that does not discriminate

We have submitted our response to the European Commission’s public consultation for its White Paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The White paper is a set of recommendations to ensure ethical AI.

Artificial Intelligence has a growing influence on the lives of all citizens. Persons with disabilities can benefit from AI in some cases, but it has the potential to increase discrimination against them and other marginalised groups.

We recommend:

  • Involve a wide diversity of citizens, including persons from marginalised groups when developing and deploying Artificial Intelligence.
  • Assessing the potential gaps in human rights law.
  • Developing specific legislation to regulate AI, in line with European anti-discrimination, public procurement, and accessibility law and standards
  • Effective liability, human oversight, accountability and redress mechanisms for citizens
  • Awareness raising among citizens, including those with disabilities, about AI, automated decision-making and how sensitive personal data can be used by AI-powered technologies.

You or your organisation can reply to the consultation until 14 June 2020.

You can use EDF’s position on the European Commission’s White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – A European Approach to excellence and trust as guidance.