Outcomes of EDF's board meeting - 10 and 11 March 2022

Outcomes of EDF's board meeting - 10 and 11 March 2022

The first 2022 Board meeting of the European Disability Forum took place on the 10th and 11th of March in Paris. Below, you can find the main outcomes of this meeting.

The war in Ukraine: a detailed discussion took place on the war in Ukraine and its impact on persons with disabilities. A resolution was adopted and a range of political and practical actions to support persons with disabilities were decided. Read more about the resolution and find information on how to act and to support persons with disabilities in Ukraine on our dedicated page.

EDF welcomed new members: the European Council of Autistic People EUCAP became a full member of EDF. The followed organisations were welcomed as Associate members: National Assembly of Disabled People of Ukraine, Association of Teachers with Disabilities of Cyprus, and Disability Rights Agenda NGO

Pekka Tuominen a long-time activist within EDF who passed away was remembered for all his important work.

Green Policy: the EDF Board approved the first draft of our Green policy.

Visual cover of EDF podcast: for the recordEDF’s 25th anniversary was marked by the launch of EDF’s “For the record: Past, present, and future of EDF” podcast and its first two episodes on the foundation of the European Disability Forum and EDF’s expansion during the enlargement of the European Union. The podcast’s first two episodes are already available on our website. Bruno Gaurier, from CFHE presented a reflection of EDF history.

Current and ongoing policy and advocacy campaign: the Board agreed on advocacy on the newly published proposal for a Directive on combating violence against women and domestic violence, including a the launch of a petition on ending forced sterilisation.

Committees: the Board adopted new terms of reference for EDF Women’s Committee and Youth Committee.

Photo competition: the winners of our 2021 human rights photo competition were announced. Congratulations to Andrzej Lassak Krakow, Poland (1st place), Jacek Cisło Pszczyna, Poland (2nd place) and Nese Ari Istanbul, Turkey (3rd place).

EDF Board in Paris in March 2022: a screen where we can see the winning entries for the EDF 2021 photo competition

The high level European Regional Disability Summit and the Global Disability Summit were presented. EDF will start to monitor the EU commitments made at the Global Disability Summit.

About the Conference on “Persons with disabilities in the city” Participation in political and public life

The Conference on “Persons with disabilities in the City” organised with CFHE, CNCPH, and the French Presidency of the EU, started with the opening speech of French Secretary of State to the Prime Minister Sophie Cluzel on the importance “to ensure the full participation of persons with disabilities in society”. It was followed by discussions between panellists and participants on findings of the soon to be published 6th EDF’s human Rights Report on political participation of persons with disabilities.

screenshot twitter thread EDF
Click on the picture to read our Twitter thread for the Conference on “Persons with disabilities in the city” Participation in political and public life