Dominique De Marné



Dominique De Marné Biography

Dominique de Marné was born in 1986 in Munich, Germany. She is a freelance – Writer and Mental Health Advocate. Her motto is “One moment can change a day. One day can change a life. One life can change the world.” Dominique was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression and Addiction in 2013 after living with it for almost half her life. Since then she worked hard – alone and with help – and she is now on the mission to change that and how we as societies talk about mental health. She speaks, writes, informs and helps – to improve the situation for everyone involved. Not all disabilities, specialties and impairments are visible, nor are people’s wishes and needs – even if they share a diagnosis. Only if we start and learn to talk – AND listen – more openly to one another do we have a chance to initiate change. Communication is the ultimate weapon!