Pietro Cirrincione



Pietro Cirrincione Biography

Born on 08/08/1971 in Italy

I’m on the autism spectrum, board member and former vice-president of Autism-Europe (AE), actively participating in several European projects.

I participate to the Information and Communication Technologies Expert Group of EDF and to the EDPD and EPPD conferences on behalf of AE.

I was an invited expert for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (AG WG) and Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force for WCAG 2.1.

At the EU level, I’m external expert for EU pilot projects and preparatory actions (PPs & PAs) for European Commission – DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology – Funding & tender opportunities; lay member representative for autism spectrum in EMA (European Medicine Agency) and member of the pool of experts for IMI (Innovative Medicine Initiative) highlighting the social model of disability and the ethics of medicine.

In Italy I’m board member and former vice-president of Gruppo Asperger, a national association promoting the rights of people on the autism spectrum, and I participate to FISH (member of the Italian Disability Forum) together Donata Vivanti (former vice-president of EDF).

I promote sport inclusion through Romulea Autistic Football Club, an inclusive mixed community amateur football sport club of people on and out of the autism spectrum, and by a project of inclusion in athletics (Atletica Roma Acquacetosa).

I’m a lay member in the panel of the Higher Health Institute writing the Italian Scientific Guidelines for adults on the autism spectrum and I was in the panel for organizing the project of life based on quality of life by autism public services.

My profession is computer science expert, I work for African embassies and I was member of LEM (a cooperative for work education made by people on the autism spectrum).

In the past I was member of an international voluntary human rights organization and I carried out projects in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Autism-Europe was a founder of EDF and also vice-president of EDF with Donata Vivanti,  I participate for bringing all my experience, constant commitment and motivation representing AE mission for human rights.