Sari Hirvonen Skarbo Biography

Personal presentation:

I was born deaf and used hearing aid since 2 years old. Because totally deaf and was operated with my Cochlear Implant at 2005, the other I received in 2016, so I am bilateral CI user.  Cochlear implant (CI) is a  the electronic device that gives auditory information. It transforms into electrical impulse delivered to the cochlear nerve, creating a sound sensation in the brain. There are over 200.000  CI users in Europe, the number is grouwing.

I´m mother of three boys and have Norwegian husband. My eldest son has Treacher-Collins syndrome (rare disease). She wears bone anchored hearing devices. I´m fluent in English, Finnish and Swedish. I understand little written French.


Helsinki University; Master of Science.
Tampere University; Accessibility studies
Helsinki Trade School; licenced practical nurse.

Work :

Kuuloliitto (Finland Hearing Association) project worker
Several projects at Museums and Archives at Helsinki area.
Espoo City Accessibility Councellor 2015-2017
Folkhälsan Seniors Services.  Practical nurse, working with hearing, visual and mobility impairments.


Vicechairman of Euro-Ciu (European Cochlear Implant User Association)  and  representative to EDF 2010 –
Finland Kuuloliitto, Member of  CITO working group 2014 – 2017, 2021 –
VDNR, Nordic council of Late Deafened and CI users 2016 –
Espoo City, Chair of Advisory Board of the Disability Council of Espoo. Member of “Espoo Building to All” – Disability group
Vicechairman of Hearing association of Espoo

Motivation for a position:

We must make women more participative and visible in all areas in life and be included at society. Deaf cochlear implant user like myself  we need more representation with together all hearing disabilites  Deaf persons do not have all possibilities to the get interpretation service, some EU countries has not any services available.

There are too many persons waiting for their CI´s to hear again.  Sometimes they have no knowledge about deafness. There are growing number of the elder persons in Europe with hearing loss.
The big issue is working life; how young persons and people at working age with all disabilities could get inclusion to working society. The average of statistics, full employment is much lower.

My interes are that  we need dialog and co-operation among people with different disabilities. We shall work to strengthen European Accessibility Act also at national level. My interest is accessibility at all part of society.  There is difference among European countries. At Digital Services Act we need work for new standards and need to strenghten support services and products also for hearing devices at all levels.

I am  interested and eager to learn.  I am ready for use my knowledge and ready meet You.