Tomislav Goll Biography

Mr. Tomislav Goll, computer programmer, graphic designer, journalist and musical editor, is EAMDA Secretary General (European Muscular Dystrophy Association), SDDH Vice president and member of the board (National Neuromuscular Association).

He is also Vice president and member of the board of local Association for Neuromuscular disorder, Vice president of City Committee for persons with disability in Slavonski Brod and President of local Theatre – Slavonski Brod.

With more than 30 years of experience in local community and civil society, Mr. Goll is not only a member, he is a founder of several associations.

In his work he was awarded several times: Winner of prestige Shaklee Award 2004. Highest USA Award for work with children with disabilities, Winner of County 2006. person of the year Award for all humanitarian work in civil society, special care for persons with disability and promotion of credit and fame of Brodsko posavska County in country and international, Winner of third prize WHO (World Heath Organization) photo contents in 2004. Digital photography of Down-syndrome boy – Faster then You, His designee of Poster “Bicycles” win international award in Campaign against women violation in 2001, and for web designee – Winner of prime Minister WEB 2005 award for web portal of Croatian National Neuromuscular Association – highest web award in Croatia.on with disability his work was always development of civil society organizations, establishing partnerships among different sectors and promoting public participation in decision making. For example his work on the borders between young disabled people, youth trainers, youth policy and researchers, and continued work on training programs for associations.

He served as member of EU-Croatia Joint Consultative Committee from beginning, in period 2006-2011. Mr. Goll prepared report on following topic: Reform of the Croatian pension system – Focus on disabled person’s pensions.

In 2014. He start first Community radio in Croatia. This is the story about it:

Creativity beyond Disability – Radio92FM+

First Community Non-profit Radio started by Creative Disability Persons in Croatia.

Radio 92FM is a Croatian independent radio station, continuously emphasizes independent journalism and democratic values. It broadcasts from Slavonski Brod and has a town license for the City of Slavonski Brod with an audience of about 60.000,000 people on internet only. It is one of the most popular radio stations in Town. It started broadcasting in 2014 using the frequency of 92 MHz (hence the name).

We broadcast a large number of various specialized program for disabled people, health and community, special music shows where many new releases are heard for the first time in Croatia.

The Impact

This is a special media project in Slavonski Brod (Croatia). One of the central characters in this particular project is person who suffers from a muscular dystrophy disease and radio is started by County Multiple Sclerosis association in September 2014. This project was supported and one year financed by the European Union. It is the first radio station set up by people with disabilities in this part of the world. The radio station is completely independent, focusing on the strengthening of civil society, with special attention to marginalized groups.

Radio 92FM+ works with a small professional staff of four employees, five regular volunteers who make programs and a group of over 25 volunteers. The station can be heard 24 hours a day in the air and on the internet.

Radio92fm+ was one of 6 best EU projects in 2014.

Just click on our stream and listen our program and music for the soul 🙂

And that’s all there is to it.