Ukraine war: OPD led disability inclusive response and recovery

This one year project - funded by CBM - aims to provide support to persons with disabilities in Ukraine and in neighboring and nearby countries who have been impacted by the Ukraine war

As declared in this statement, the European Disability Forum (EDF) and CBM join forces to address the needs of persons with disabilities impacted by the war in Ukraine.

The project aims to support persons with disabilities within Ukraine as well as those who have left Ukraine and are in neighbouring or nearby countries, including Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. Possibilities to provide support in Lithuania and Moldova are also being explored.

The overall goal is to ensure that persons with disabilities and their representative organizations are fully included in the response to and recovery from the Ukrainian war. Within this goal, there are three objectives: 

  • Support persons with disabilities in collaboration with organisations of persons with disabilities (OPDs)  
  • Advocate for disability inclusion in the broader humanitarian response in Ukraine and in the countries of the EU  
  • Ensure the recovery of persons with disabilities, and build the capacity of the disability movement in the long-term  

Project starts: 1/04/2022
Project ends: 31/03/2023





Gordon Rattray

International Cooperation Programme Coordinator