The European Semester Country Reports 2020: What do they say about disability?

On the 26th of February the European commission released documents called Country Reports as part of the European Semester process.

The European Semester is an annual cycle where the Commission analyses macroeconomic and budgetary issues, as well as social policies in the Member States and then delivers recommendations to improve any persisting problems. The Country Reports are typically released late in February. They assess the progress made by each EU country in addressing the issues identified in the previous year’s EU recommendations.

In the recently-released Country Reports, disability issues are a prominent feature. Particularly present are the issues of high unemployment, risk of poverty, educational attainment and care services. While some Member States’ Country Reports contain a lot of information on disability, others saw minimal focus on disability issues.

In this document you will find an overview of disability issues in each Country Report. EDF urges the European Commission to ensure the main concerns raised with regards to persons with disabilities are carried over from the Country Reports and reflected very clearly in this year’s Country-Specific Recommendations to each of the Member States.

Download the document below

The European Semester Country Reports 2020