Webinar #1 : VIVID-T Enhancing Disability Inclusive Practices in Humanitarian Action and Volunteer Management. May 2020

You can watch the complete webinar here. 

On May 14 the European Disability Forum (EDF) organised the first in a set of webinars that will conduct about the EU funded project VIVID. It aims at Disability Inclusion in humanitarian action and volunteering and creating a community of practice in this domain.

The webinar was conducted in an accessible way for persons with disabilities providing live captioning and international sign language interpretation. It was recorded, and it will be available on EDF’s website. There were 130 people registered. This webinar was moderated by Rea Konttinen, from Abilis Foundation in Finland, and supported by Raquel Riaza and Marion Steff, who are part of the EDF team.

For this webinar, four speakers were invited: Ruard Wallis de Vries, Zrinca Delic, Maria González and Loredana Dicsi.

Ruard Wallis de Vries, Policy Officer at the European Commission, spoke about the European Solidarity Corps programme, and about a new initiative called HUMAID which is a strand about solidarity activities in support of humanitarian action.

Zrinca Delic, Project Manager for the VIVID project, gave a brief overview about the project. She also presented the consortium members of VIVID.

María González, VIVID Project Coordinator, explained the importance of this project and what VIVID aims to achieve as well as the approach on which the project is based.

Loredana Dicsi, Internal Communications & Membership Officer, gave a testimony about her personal experience as a volunteer, and she also spoke about the impact on volunteering as a person with disability.