Webinar: i2i Labour market data for persons with disabilities. April 2020

You can watch the complete webinar here.

On the April 22nd the European Disability Forum organised the fourth of a series of webinars about the Innovation to Inclusion project (also called i2i programme). This webinar is funded by the UK Department For International Development (DFID) and was conducted in an accessible way for persons with disabilities providing live captioning and sign language interpretation.

The webinar was recorded, and it will be available on EDF’s website. It was moderated by Gordon Ratry, EDF International Cooperation Officer, with the support of his colleague Raquel Riaza, EDF Events and Administration Officer.

There were four speakers invited to talk about Labour Market Data for persons with disabilities: Mark Carew, Valentina Stoevska, Robert Buluma and Anderson Gitonga. After their presentation, there was some time for questions and answers.

Mark Carew is a senior researcher on disability data and inclusive policies at Leonard Cheshire. He spoke briefly about i2i’s approach to disability data and how i2i supports a good quality collection of disability data.

Valentina Stoevska is a senior statistician in the International Labour Organisation, at the Department of Statistics. In her presentation, she explained the objectives of the statistical data on the labour market characteristics of persons with disabilities. She also talk about the use of Washington Group questions on the disability Labour Force Surveys. To conclude her presentation, Ms Stoevska briefly illustrated with some statistics the employment characteristics of persons with disabilities.

Robert Buluma is the manager of Governance, Peace and Security statistics of the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. He briefly provided some information on the development of a disability monograph.

Anderson Gitonga is the CEO of the United Disabled Persons of Kenya (UDPK). Mr Gitonga spoke about the importance of the meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in data gathering and he touched upon the technical working group that has been formed in Kenya.

Finally, it was announced that another webinar will be organised in May 14th but the topic as well as the title hasn’t been decided yet.