Webinar: i2i The role of DPOs in international cooperation. February 2020

You can watch the complete webinar here. 

On February 6th the European Disability Forum organised the third of a series of webinars within the framework of the i2i project (Innovation to Inclusion).

This webinar is funded by the UK Department For International Development (DFID) and was conducted in an accessible manner for persons with disabilities providing live captioning and international sign language interpretation. The webinar was recorded, and it will be available on EDF’s website.

There were about 70 people registered and it was moderated by Marion Steff, EDF’s International Cooperation Manager, and supported by Raquel Riaza, EDF’s Events and Administration Officer. Three speakers were invited to discuss about the role of DPOs (Disabled Persons Organisation) in international cooperation.

The first speaker was Catherine Naughton, EDF Director. She is also vice-president of Social Platform. She spoke about the recently published Guidance Note for DPOs involvement in international cooperation as part of the EDF strategy in this domain. In addition, she mentioned the open call for good practice launched by EDF, through which EDF members and partners shared their experiences.

The second speaker was Grace Mary Achieng, Program Officer of Women Challenged to Challenge from Kenya. She is also a disability director in church. She explained the role of Kenyan DPOs in international cooperation and she also spoke about her visit to Brussels in December last year during the European Disability and Development Week.

The last speaker was Morten Eriksen, Atlas Alliance’s CEO. He has worked many years for the Rainforest Foundation and WWF. Mr Eriksen spoke about Together for Inclusion which is a new Norwegian consortium funded by Norad, the Norwegian agency for international development.

In the conclusion, the next i2i webinar was announced. It will be in about two months and it will touch upon gender.