Webinar: Webinar on the Istanbul Convention. May 2020

Webinar: Webinar on the Istanbul Convention. May 2020


If you have problems, please acces here to watch the complete webinar here. 

On May 8th, the European Disability Forum (EDF) organised a webinar on the topic of the Istanbul Convention, which is a Council of Europe convention addressing violence against women and it aims at the prevention of violence, victim protection and “to end with the impunity of perpetrators”.

This webinar was moderated by Ana Peláez Narváez, EDF vice-president and was supported by Raquel Riaza, Events and Administration Officer and Marine Uldry, EDF Human Rights Officer. The webinar was accessible for persons with disabilities providing live captioning and international sign language interpretation. It was recorded and it will be available on EDF’s website.

The webinar was structured around three main points: how and why the Istanbul Convention is important for women and girls with disabilities; the role of the monitoring mechanism and how to contribute to it from civil society; and good practices.

Christina Olsen, from the Council of Europe Secretariat, gave an overview of the Istanbul Convention. Then she spoke about the importance of the Istanbul Convention for the disability movement.

Biljana Brankovic, Member of Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO), explained the Istanbul Convention monitoring mechanism and the role of NGOs and Civil Society in general to contribute to themonitoring process.

Luisa Bosisio, EDF board member, commented the outcomes of a survey published in 2019 about violence against women with disabilities, which conducted by the Italian Network VERA.

Isabel Caballero, CERMI Women’s Foundation Coordinator, gave an introduction of the organisation she works for and spoke about the reports they submitted to the GREVIO committee.

Claire Desaint, co-president at Femmes pour le Dire Femme pour Agir, presented her organisation as well as the French legislative framework with regards to violence against women with disabilities.

Finally, there was some time to answer questions from the attendees.