Quality label for volunteering activities under the European Solidarity Corps Programme

Quality label for volunteering activities under the European Solidarity Corps Programme

Article written the European Solidarity Corps  

Are you an organisation willing to host and/or send volunteers in the framework of the European solidarity Corps programme?  Then you will need to get a Quality Label first!

What is the Quality Label first?

The Quality Label of the European Solidarity Corps programme is a process that certifies that an organisation is able and willing to carry out high quality solidarity activities in compliance with the principles, objectives and quality standards of the European Solidarity Corps. 

Obtaining a Quality Label is a precondition for participation in volunteering activities. 

What are the different types of Quality Label?

There are two main types of Quality Label, depending on the role(s) that the organisation wishes to play in the process: 

  • Host role – covers the full range of activities related to hosting a Solidarity Corps participant, including the development of a programme of the young person’s activities and providing guidance and support to the participant during all the phases as appropriate 
  • Support role – entails supporting, preparing and/or training participants before departure, a mediation between them and their host organisations and/or providing support to participants upon return from their activity All organisations who are awarded a Quality Label will be able to publish their opportunities in the European Solidarity Corps Portal and also to join other organisations in developing and providing opportunities for young people.

Quality Label for lead organisations

In addition to these two roles, organisations wishing to apply for grants, manage and coordinate volunteering activities under Volunteering Projects will be required to obtain a Quality Label for lead organisation. Organisations who do not hold a Quality Label for lead organisation may act as partners in projects. 

Obtaining a Quality Label for lead organisations is a precondition for applying for funds to implement volunteering projects. Successful applicants for such a Quality Label type will gain simplified access to funding for volunteering projects subject to funding availability and performance assessments. 

Those who request the lead role will be required to lay down in the application form their longer-term objectives and targets, expected benefits as well as their approach to project management. To ensure realistic planning, the activity plan submitted as part of the application can cover a period of three to seven years and will be updated periodically. 

Previous experience in the European Solidarity Corps or Erasmus+ (2014-2020) is not a requirement for participation!

The award of a Quality Label for lead organisations depends on being successful in the application for a Quality Label for host and/or support role (partner organisations). Organisations who are holders of a Quality Label will have the possibility to apply for Quality Label for lead organisations at any time during the programming period.

Willing to know more about the opportunities offered by the programme or the submission and assessment process of a Quality Label request? 

Your team needs some help or has questions about the programme? 

Do not hesitate to contact your National Agency or your SALTO-YOUTH resource centre (organisations based in partner countries of the programme).