Slovenia COVID19 response

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Information relayed by Nacionalni Svet Invalidskih Organizacij Slovenije (NSIOS) – the Slovenian National Disability Council

  • Regular government press conferences are sign language interpreted but without captions.
  • Relevant websites aren’t accessible.
  • Easy to read information is being prepared by our NSIOS.
  • Organisations of persons with disabilities ensured essential information has been made accessible for deafblind people and blind, partially blind persons. 
  • Pre-existing e-accessibility issues (internet and TV) have been amplified during the crisis.




Information relayed by the Fundamental Rights Agency (May 2020):

  • People providing care and assistance to persons with disabilities exempt from social distancing/travel restriction
  • Private sector employers which operate normally should be exempt from pension and disability contributions due in April in May, but should pay their workers a crisis allowance in the amount of 200 EUR. These measures should also apply to civil society organisations, humanitarian organisations and organisations of persons with disabilities.