Latvia - April, 2022

From Donetsk to Latvia – Evacuation to Rehabilitation
Residents from Bakhmut psychoneurological house have received support by SUSTENTO organization for the provision of assistive devices, health care, accessible transport services and different kind of consultations. The support was provided within the framework of EDF and CBM joint programme.
Because of the consequences of the invasion by the Russian Federation, 225 residents (men) of the psychoneurological boarding house were evacuated from the Bakhmut district (the village of Vesela Dolyna) of Donetsk region in March this year.

Taking into account the urgent need to provide them with comprehensive assistance and security of their lives, Latvia was ready to accept and provide proper accommodation, medical and rehabilitation assistance for 141 people. They were placed in 16 social care centers in Latvia.  Latvia takes full responsibility for their health and lives. People in our centers provide them with the necessary appropriate conditions adapted to their needs: spacious living spaces, appropriate medical and rehabilitation assistance.

Their way to Latvia was very difficult psychologically. All 141 people were very scared, they were especially afraid that they would be separated. They see themselves as a big family that cannot be separated and that cannot live without each other.

Вut upon arrival, our social workers quickly brought them into a calm mood. They have got everything they needed. The residents of the centers in which they are located are very friendly, they are happy to have those new “Ukrainian neighbors” and constantly communicate with them about how everything is going on in Ukraine and they are very interested in each other’s life.