Latvia - May, 2022

Working at the Schneider Electric Latvia Factory – Iryna and Andrii

Iryna and Andrii have received support by SUSTENTO organization for the provision of assistive devices, health care, accessible transport services and different kind of consultations. The support was provided within the framework of EDF and CBM joint programme.

At the moment Sustento provide consultancy on the preparation of documents for applying for a job, find the best place, which is friendly for people with disabilities, as well as provide mentoring for those who started their work.
On May 10, 2022, two Ukrainians, wheelchair users Iryna and Andrii visited the Schneider Electric Latvia factory to see if the company can offer possible and acceptable job opportunities for Ukrainians with disabilities.

At Schneider Electric SE principal staff believe that access to energy and digital services is a fundamental human right. Schneider offers digital energy and automation solutions that promote efficiency and sustainability. It addresses homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services.
Schneider Electric Latvia is a very open-minded company. We have a great collaboration with the HR Director of the Schneider Electric Latvia, who is willing to make spaces accessible to workers with disabilities, especially in wheelchairs.

Iryna and Andrii had a tour around the factory, during which they were shown different options for what they could do and what position they would potentially get. Now Iryna and Andrii need to complete a training course in order to work fully later. The employees are also very happy and welcomed new colleagues with open arms.
Iryna and Andrii want to work not only to earn money, but to feel important, useful and to occupy their time with something other than everyday worries about what is happening in their native Ukraine.

Schneider Electric Latvia is very happy to provide jobs for those who want to work. This is just the beginning, they are planning to continue hiring Ukrainian people with disabilities.
We are very grateful to Schneider Electric Latvia for this great cooperation in finding the best opportunities for Ukrainians with disabilities in Latvia.