Poltava, Ukraine - 2nd March, 2022

We lived another day. A lot of refugees have come to our city in the last day and a half  from cities , where there are hot battles. Someone stays for a while to return to their homes after everything ends. And for some Poltava will be just a transit city, where it is necessary to spend the night, do some hygienic procedures, eat and go on to safer places where relatives, acquaintances, friends are waiting for them.

It is very difficult to look into the eyes of these people, to communicate with them. Even if people contain their emotions, then after a while it manifests itself into the real state of horror, hopelessness, misunderstanding that awaits next …
My son’s sense of humor has always prevailed over others. Even when he came out of a very serious surgery after a stroke. Now that he witnesses the fate of the people he meets with his wife’s family, settles, feeds, he becomes extremely stingy on positive emotions. Especially hard to look into children’s eyes. Tears come by themselves.

Food, household chemicals, hygiene products, etc. are almost non-existent in shops. You have to come very early to the shops or just wait and hope that someone will bring goods. Now we also understand the phrase “humanitarian disaster”