Sergio Gay Laudes, Spain

“For me, the accessible vote was an empowerment. Before it was quite uncomfortable to ask for help to vote because you are revealing the exercise of a right which is secret. In my case, at home we had similar ideologies, so it was not a drama, but I know this was different for other blind colleagues. The fact of being able to choose myself is very comfortable and fair. The most convenient would be some sort of electronic vote system, but this would imply some problems of privacy and security.

The Braille kit system in Spain has some elements to improve though. It would also be good that we have this possibility in municipal elections too, which doesn’t exist right now and it’s the closest authority we vote for. And, secondly, it would be most convenient if we would receive the Braille kit at home, instead of at the polling station, so you can organize your vote at home. It would also be good for security reasons, because if you get into the voting booth you might also be controlled, and the secrecy of your vote could be compromised”.