UN Disability Rights Committee adopts list of questions for the EU review

UN Disability Rights Committee adopts list of questions for the EU review

The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in charge of monitoring implementation of the Convention by the States parties adopted its list of issues prior to reporting on the European Union.

The document is a list of questions to which the EU has to reply to within 12 months and that serves as basis of the second evaluation of the EU by the Committee.

It includes questions related to all the articles of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, from implementation and monitoring of all fundamental rights of persons with disabilities.

For example, it contains questions about accessibility, freedom of movement, combating violence, use of EU funds, access to health, education and employment, data collection and ensuring disability rights in international cooperation. The Committee also asked about measures taken to protect the safety of persons with disabilities affected by the hostilities in Ukraine, as well as to provide refugee persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities in refugee-like situations with immediate humanitarian aid. Questions on emerging issues such as climate actions and artificial intelligence are also included.

You can read the questions EDF had suggested the Committee to adopt in our alternative report.

Next steps?

Once the Committee will receive the replies to the list of issues it will schedule an interactive dialogue with the EU and adopts recommendations in a document called Concluding observations. Before the adoption of the recommendations EDF will submit another report to inform the Committee about issues faced by persons with disabilities in Europe.

EDF alternative report

EDF alternative report for the second review of the EU by the CRPD Committee


Marine Uldry – Human Rights Officer