Westeros Disability Forum warmly welcomes new ruler of Westeros

Westeros Disability Forum warmly welcomes new ruler of Westeros

The Westeros Disability Forum (WDF), the representative organisation that brings together organisations of persons with disabilities in the seven kingdoms, applauds the appointment of Your Grace King Bran Stark to hold the top position of the realm. We expect the new king to keep disability rights issues high in the political agenda of Westeros.

We expect that the appointment of Tyrion Lannister, as Hand of the King, also reinforces diversity in public office, representing different disabilities at the helm of the six kingdoms.

Ser Erpidi, President of WDF and lord of the 80 million, stated:

King Bran’s example shows that with the right community-based support and the provision of reasonable accommodation, persons with disabilities can roll out their full potential and reach even further abilities and important management positions.

He added:

After the war, the number of persons with disabilities is higher than ever. We need to ensure their human rights are respected. Cohesion policy must therefore place a crucial role in making sure that nobody is left behind. King Bran, Tyrion Lannister and Jaime Lannister were essential in the effort to save Westeros. This shows the lost potential of lack of political participation.

WDF would like King Brian to overcome the political blockage of Westeros and finally adopt the long-awaited Westeros Accessibility Act. With most of the cities destroyed, it’s the right time for the six kingdoms to adopt a universal design approach and make sure that, for example, there are no so many stairs and narrow alleys, and cities and villages become more accessible to everyone. This will also be in the interest of health and, especially, fire safety.

Nevertheless, WDF also regrets the situation created because of Winterfexit, as persons with disabilities in the north will not benefit from a harmonised approach to disability rights. We call on Lady Stark to join the WEA – the Westeros Economic Area – and assure free movement of products and services in all Westeros.

Focus on the person

On a downside note, WDF strongly condemns the nickname given to the new king as it may reinforce the stigma on persons with disabilities, and therefore proposes to call King Bran with a Break, following the human rights approach enshrined in the United Realms Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, ratified by the seven kingdoms and by Westeros as regional organisation.

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