Disability Rights in the EU after 2020: our demands

Our “EU Disability Rights Agenda” campaign shares our demands for the next 10 years.

We are launching this campaign because the European Commission is preparing the next EU Disability Strategy.

This Strategy is a plan that will list all actions they propose for the next 10 years. It is being prepared now and should be revealed in the next months.

We demand 5 objectives for the strategy:

  1. End segregation ( including residential institutions) and ensure adequate standard of living:.
  2. Persons with disabilities should be free to live, work, travel, study and participate in public life in any EU country without losing any rights or entitlement to financial support.
  3. Promote equality for persons with disabilities and protection against all forms of discrimination, violence and abuse.
  4. EU should promotes the rights of persons with disabilities in all its international relations.
  5. Set an example as a public administration: EU Institutions, bodies and agencies must ensure they also guarantee the rights of persons with disabilities in their internal functioning (for employees, staff, beneficiaries)

We also list many proposals for laws. Examples include a law on affordable assistive technologies and a law on minimum standards for social protection.

Visit the campaign page to explore our demands.

Download our social media pack with messages (6 MB doc)