EDF is looking for a short-term consultant on employment issues

EDF is looking for a short-term consultant on employment issues

Would you like to help us draft our 7th Human Rights Report on employment for persons with disabilities? Deadline for applications: 2nd of March 2022 12pm Brussels time.


The European Disability Forum is an independent NGO that defends the interests of 100 million Europeans with disabilities. EDF is a unique platform which brings together representative organisation of persons with disabilities from across Europe. EDF is run by persons with disabilities and their families. EDF is a front runner for disability rights. We are a strong, united voice of persons with disabilities in Europe.

EDF has a regular human rights report series concerning the rights of persons with disabilities in the EU. The series looks at both the EU and national level and generates recommendations for both levels. The first issue was in 2016 to mark 10 years of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This was an introductory publication and provided a baseline to assess progress at the EU and Member States levels regarding CRPD ratification.

Issues till now:

EDF will produce its 7th human rights report on employment for persons with disabilities.

The report will aim to explain the main barriers to employment that persons with disabilities face. It will give a state of the art of the employment situation in the different EU Member States and the different policies in place to promote the employment of persons with disabilities.

Objective and expected deliverables of the consultancy

To research and draft written content for the report, presenting learning on the following:

  • Collection of latest EU data (Eurostat and/or others) on the employment rates of persons with disabilities in the EU and the EU Member States, employment rates for women with disabilities, of young people with disabilities and for persons with “high support needs”.
  • Analysis of the main policies in place in the 27 EU Member States to promote employment of persons with disabilities
  • Research and explanatory text on discrimination against persons with disabilities in recruitment, in career advancement, and also indirect forms of discrimination
  • Research and explanatory text on “reasonable accommodation”, mapping which Member States offer the right to reasonable accommodation and which support employers with costs, and giving examples of reasonable accommodation including in recruitment and in home and hybrid working
  • Research on compatibility of salary and other forms of income with disability allowance in the EU Member States (specifically, countries in which one can retain disability benefits when in employment).

Time Plan

To be defined with the selected consultant.


If you are interested to apply for this consultancy, please:

In your letter of interest, please indicate:

  • your experience and knowledge on this topic
  • the number of working days you would foresee (we anticipate around 15 days of work)
  • your daily rate for consultancy (VAT excluded)
  • Your timeframe for completing the work (ideally before the summer)
  • If you are interested in this consultancy in its entirety or only specific elements