EDF is looking for a short-term consultant

EDF is looking for a short-term consultant

Vacancy closed

Would you like to help us draft our 6th Human Rights Report on right to vote and stand for election?  Deadline for applications: June 20th, 2021


The European Disability Forum is an independent NGO that defends the interests of 100 million Europeans with disabilities. EDF is a unique platform which brings together representative organisation of persons with disabilities from across Europe. EDF is run by persons with disabilities and their families. EDF is a front runner for disability rights. We are a strong, united voice of persons with disabilities in Europe.

EDF has a regular human rights report series concerning the rights of persons with disabilities in the EU. The series looks at both the EU and national level and generates recommendations for both level. The first issue was in 2016 to mark 10 years of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This was an introductory publication and provided a baseline to assess progress at the EU and Member States levels regarding CRPD ratification.

Issues till now:

EDF will produce its 6th human rights report on the right to vote and stand for election.

The report aims to gather, analyse and publish key information from the EU and its Member States on right to vote and stand for elections to the European Parliament. Although the focus will be on EU elections, recommendations to better ensure this right at the EU and national levels will conclude the report. This overview will inform EDF’s future work on combatting barriers to the right to vote and stand for office, towards the next European elections.

Objective of the consultancy

Research barriers to the right to vote and stand for elections in the European Parliament, in all EU Member States.


Country fiches concerning the European Parliament elections describing:

  • Voting procedures, including different ways to cast the vote
  • Legal barriers preventing the right to vote to persons with disabilities
  • Legal barriers preventing the right to stand as candidate
  • Specific voting arrangements for persons with disabilities
  • Voters with disabilities’ secrecy
  • Possibility to freely chose assistance to assist in voting


Analysis from the country fiches to draw maps on the key barriers (to be determined)


Methodological approaches include:

  • Desk research and analysis of key sources of existing data for the national and EU level on the right to vote and stand for election
  • Analysis of existing reports on the topic (EESC 2019 and 2020, FRA 2019 and 2014, EBU 2019)
  • Analysis of EDF national member reports and data where available
  • Collect and cross-check information with EDF members at national level

Time Plan

To be defined with the selected consultant.


If you are interested to apply for this consultancy, please:

  • Send your CV and letter of interest to alejandro.moledo@edf-feph.org by Sunday June 20th.
  • In your letter of interest, please indicate your experience and knowledge on this topic and your daily rate for consultancy (VAT excluded).