Accessible Word Toolkit - Digital Accessibility Training session #1

Accessible Word Toolkit - Digital Accessibility Training session #1

On the 15th April 2021 has been delivered the first training session on Digital Accessibility as part of VIVID-T project activities. The training focused on making Word Documents more accessible following practical tips that the participants can apply to their daily work.

Participants in this training session have been staff members of the VIVID-T consortium from different parts of the world, from Ireland to Italy, from Nepal to Bangladesh, all with a different level of accessibility knowledge.

The PowerPoint presentation is a great resource for creating your checklist in order to make your documents more accessible working with Headings, style, and Colors, Formatting with columns, Hyperlinks, objective, Alt Text, adding Document’s properties, and running the Accessible Checker.

PowerPoint presentation

Download the Toolkit Accessible Word Document (PDF document)

Download the toolkit Accessible Word Document (Word document)

Contact: Roberta Lulli, Digital Accessibility Trainer for VIVID-T