Report on forced sterilisation in the European Union

Report on forced sterilisation in the European Union

Forced sterilisation of persons with disabilities is a pervasive abuse and a gross violation of their fundamental rights. Nevertheless, it is ongoing and widespread across Europe and worldwide.

The capacity of people with disabilities to have children is often forcibly removed, often behind closed doors, often with the consent of the State. People with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities, especially those under guardianship measures, are among the most at risk of being sterilised without their consent. Women and girls with disabilities, and all those that can carry pregnancies, are overwhelmingly targeted.

This report aims to shed light on this gross human rights violation and demands that this practice be banned throughout Europe, and worldwide.

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Please note that the information for Austria has been updated. There is no legal possibility in the country to authorise forced sterilisation against a person’s will. Therefore from the initial list, there are at least 13 EU countries that still authorise forced sterilisation.